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  1. Research article

    Cardiovascular risk factors among women with self-reported infertility

    Amongst women with certain types of ovulatory disorder infertility, the studies are conflicting whether there is an increased risk of long-term cardiovascular disease risk. This paper evaluates the association...

    Shruthi Mahalingaiah, Fangui Sun, J. Jojo Cheng, Erika T. Chow, Kathryn L. Lunetta and Joanne M. Murabito

    Fertility Research and Practice 2017 3:7

    Published on: 11 April 2017

  2. Research article

    Tablet terminals: a useful tool to explain in vitro fertilization treatment

    Explanations that involve medical care treatment take time. This also applies to explanations of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the field of infertility treatment. This is because the cause of infertility dif...

    Atsushi Yanaihara, Shirei Ohgi, Kenichirou Motomura and Takumi Yanaihara

    Fertility Research and Practice 2017 3:4

    Published on: 23 January 2017

  3. Methodology article

    A simple, less invasive stripper micropipetter-based technique for day 3 embryo biopsy

    Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) is an important procedure for in vitro fertilization (IVF). A key step of PGS, blastomere removal, is abundant with many technical issues. The aim of this study was to c...

    Luciano Cedillo, Azucena Ocampo-Bárcenas, Israel Maldonado, Francisco J. Valdez-Morales, Felipe Camargo and Esther López-Bayghen

    Fertility Research and Practice 2016 2:13

    Published on: 25 November 2016

  4. Case report

    Successful pregnancy with donor eggs in-vitro fertilization after premature ovarian insufficiency in a tertiary hospital in a low-income setting: a case report

    Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) is classically defined as 4–6 months of cessation of menses (amenorrhea) in women under 40, associated with menopausal level of serum gonadotropins FSH > 40 IU/L and hypo-...

    Thomas Obinchemti Egbe, Carine Youta Wafo, Berthe Bebey Bollo, Christian Pany, Monique Jong Onomo and Guy Sandjon

    Fertility Research and Practice 2016 2:12

    Published on: 21 November 2016

  5. Review

    Promoting the use of elective single embryo transfer in clinical practice

    The transfer of multiple embryos after in vitro fertilization (IVF) increases the risk of twins and higher-order births. Multiple births are associated with significant health risks and maternal and neonatal c...

    Tamara Tobias, Fady I. Sharara, Jason M. Franasiak, Patrick W. Heiser and Emily Pinckney-Clark

    Fertility Research and Practice 2016 2:1

    Published on: 15 August 2016

  6. Research article

    Heavy menstrual bleeding and dysmenorrhea are improved by Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery (MRgFUS) of adenomyosis

    To assess reduction in heavy menstrual bleeding and dysmenorrhea following MRI guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery (MRgFUS) of focal and diffuse adenomyosis up to 12 months post-treatment a retrospective cohort ...

    Ramya Jayaram, Kalpana Subbarayan, Sridurga Mithraprabhu and Mirudhubashini Govindarajan

    Fertility Research and Practice 2016 2:8

    Published on: 16 May 2016

  7. Case report

    Candidate gene analysis in a case of congenital absence of the endometrium

    Primary amenorrhea usually result from a genetic or anatomic abnormality. We present the first reported patient with the absence of endometrium and lumen in a small bicornuate uterus in a patient with primary ...

    Serap Simavli, Ana Paula Abreu, Mary R. Kwaan, Robert G. Dluhy, Elena H. Yanushpolsky, Colleen Feltmate, Sandra R. Cerda, Rona S. Carroll, Ursula B. Kaiser and Wendy Kuohung

    Fertility Research and Practice 2016 2:3

    Published on: 9 February 2016

  8. Research article

    In-vitro fertilization and spontaneous pregnancies: matching outcomes in Douala, Cameroon

    Couples are considered infertile if they do not conceive over a 12-month period of unprotected intercourse. Studies have shown that female causes accounted for between 25 to 37 percent of infertility worldwide...

    Thomas Obinchemti Egbe, Guy Sandjon, Clovis Ourtchingh, André Simo, Eugene Belley Priso and Jean-Louis Benifla

    Fertility Research and Practice 2016 2:1

    Published on: 19 January 2016

  9. Research article

    Comparison of uterine and tubal pathology identified by transvaginal sonography, hysterosalpingography, and hysteroscopy in female patients with infertility

    The causes of female infertility are multifactorial and necessitate comprehensive evaluation including physical examination, hormonal testing, and imaging. Given the associated psychological and financial stre...

    Catherine H. Phillips, Carol B. Benson, Elizabeth S. Ginsburg and Mary C. Frates

    Fertility Research and Practice 2015 1:20

    Published on: 23 December 2015

  10. Methodology article

    Robotic single-site excision of ovarian endometrioma

    Conventional single-incision laparoscopic surgery has been successfully employed for treatment of ovarian endometriomas. However, this technique presents surgeons with formidable ergonomic challenges, that mak...

    Antonio R. Gargiulo, Colleen Feltmate and Serene S. Srouji

    Fertility Research and Practice 2015 1:19

    Published on: 21 December 2015

  11. Research article

    The level and patterns of fertility among women in Kersa Demographic Surveillance and Health Research Center (KDS-HRC) Field site, Kersa District, East Ethiopia

    Fertility is one of the three principal components of population dynamics. High fertility and rapid population growth exert negative influences on economic and social development. This study was aimed to estim...

    Desalew Zelalem, Agumasie Semahegn, Gezahegn Tesfaye and Balewgize Sileshi

    Fertility Research and Practice 2015 1:18

    Published on: 17 November 2015

  12. Review

    Functional glycosylation in the human and mammalian uterus

    Glycosylation is the most common and structurally diverse of all the post-translational modifications of proteins. Lipids and extracellular matrices are also often glycosylated. The mammalian uterus is highly ...

    Gary F. Clark

    Fertility Research and Practice 2015 1:17

    Published on: 23 October 2015

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