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Table 1 Visual adhesion scoring system used at all look-back laparoscopies and at postmortem evaluation

From: Pelvic pedicled omental flaps and autologous free omental grafts in a rabbit model

Characteristic Description Score
Type No adhesions 0
  Filmy, transparent, avascular 1
  Opaque, translucent, avascular 2
  Opaque, capillaries present 3
  Opaque, larger vessels present 4
Extent No adhesions 0
  ≤25% of abdomen involved 1
  ≤50% of abdomen involved 2
  ≤75% of abdomen involved 3
  >75% of abdomen involved 4
Inflammation None 0
  Mild erythema, local surface involvement 1
  Moderate erythema, local surface involvement 2
  Severe erythema, local surface involvement 3
  Severe erythema, widespread surface involvement 4