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Table 1 Absolute and relative contraindications of treatment of EP with MTX

From: Incidence, diagnosis and management of tubal and nontubal ectopic pregnancies: a review

Absolute Contraindications Relative Contraindications
Clinical instability or significant pain suggestive of ruptured EP Presence of fetal cardiac activity
Heterotopic pregnancy with viable and desired IUP β-hCG level over 5000 mIU/mL
Liver function tests more than 2 times the upper limit of normal An ectopic mass size greater than 4 cm in largest dimension
White blood cell count of <1500/uL Patient refusal of blood transfusion
Platelet count <100,000/uL Patient inability to follow up
Creatinine ≥1.5 mg/dL  
Current breastfeeding  
Active pulmonary disease  
Active peptic ulcer disease  
Moderate to severe anemia  
Sensitivity to methotrexate