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Table 2 Comparison of previous pregnancies and IVF trials between metroplasty and control groups

From: IVF outcomes after hysteroscopic metroplasty in patients with T- shaped uterus

 Metroplasty (n = 74)Control (n = 148)p
Patients with ≥1 parity4.1 (3/74)18.2 (20/148)0.004
Patients with pregnancy loss25.7 (19/74)16.9 (25/148)0.12
Patients with ≥2 pregnancy loss17.6 (13/74)10.8 (16/148)0.16
Patients with ≥3 failed IVF cycle35.1 (26/74)17.6 (26/148)0.04
  1. IVF In vitro fertilization
  2. Data are expressed as median (lower quartile-upper quartile) or percentages (n) as appropriate