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Table 3 Summary of types of previous treatments received

From: Use and pattern of previous care received by infertile Nigerian women

Traditional treatmentConventional treatment
Use of traditional treatmentUse of conventional treatment
 No 140 (59.3%) No 90 (38.1%)
 Yes 96 (40.7%) Yes 146 (61.9%)
Types of trado-medicineMedical
 Islamic medicine - 2 Unspecified-146
 Moringa seeds-1 Clomiphene citrate-10
 Oral and Vaginal herbs −2 Antibiotics-5
 Oral herbs − 84 Bromocriptine- 2
 Oral herbs and Garlic- 1 Hormonal-2
 Oral herbs and Islamic medicine-2Surgical
 Oral herbs and prayers-1 Hydrotubation-6
 Unspecified-1 Myomectomy-1
 Vaginal herbs-1 Manual vacuum aspiration-1
 Vaginal soap −1In vitro fertilization-3