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Table 1 Characteristics of the study population according to current genital Chlamydia trachomatis exposure

From: Impact of genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection on reproductive outcomes among infertile women undergoing tubal flushing: a retrospective cohort at a fertility centre in Uganda

Genital Chlamydia exposure
CharacteristicsNegative (N = 207)Positive (N = 46)P value
Age group at start of treatment (%)  0.941
 36 or more18.3621.74 
Parity (nulliparous; %)64.7356.520.296
History of abortion (%)
Duration of infertility (%)  0.831
 < 2 years20.7717.39 
 2–5 years62.3263.04 
 6 or more years16.9119.57 
Marital Status (%)  0.541
Highest attained education level a (%)  0.643
Occupation b (%)  0.147
 Unskilled worker1.454.35 
 Skilled worker93.7295.65 
History of infertility treatment c (%)92.2797.830.173
History of gynaecological surgery d (%)41.5532.610.263
History of obstetrical surgery e (%)11.1115.220.436
History of genital infection (%)2.9036.960.000
Recent use of hormonal contraception f (%)2.426.520.150
Type of tubal blockage (%)  0.002
Grade of tubal blockage g (%)  0.043
 I. Moderate spillage27.0513.04 
 II. Minimal spillage47.3445.65 
 III. No spillage25.641.3 
Presence of uterine filling defect (%)10.1423.910.011
Number of tubal flushing series in 12 months  0.004
  1. aLow: primary or no education. High: secondary, technical or vocational education
  2. bUnskilled labour: work with no special training or experience. Skilled labour: work with special training and experience
  3. cPrevious treatment with either tubal flushing, ovulation induction, alternative medicine or assisted reproductive technologies
  4. dEither myomectomy, tubal surgery, uterine instrumentation or ovarian cystectomy
  5. eEither caesarean section or other obstetric surgical procedures
  6. fEither oral contraceptive, subdermal implant, injectable contraceptive or intrauterine device
  7. gTubal patency as denoted on the HSG, grade (I) with moderate spillage of contrast, (II) with minimal spillage of contrast and (III) with no spillage of contrast