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Table 2 Perceived/Reported Effects of Public Reporting on Medical Decision Making, N (%)

From: Public reporting of IVF outcomes influences medical decision-making and physician training

QuestionAlwaysSometimesNeverNot Sure
Reporting influences OTHER’s practice67 (23.8)206 (73)3 (1.1)6 (2.1)
Reporting motivates OTHER’s to deny IVF to poor prognosis patients in order to improve reported success rates47 (16.7)217 (77.2)1 (0.4)16 (5.7)
Reporting influences YOUR willingness to offer non-donor, fresh eSET78 (27.8)203 (72.2)
Reporting influences YOUR medical management121 (42.9)161 (57.1)
 If so how?114 written responses reviewed
 Decrease number of embryos transferred19 (16.7)
 Increase number of embryos transferred26 (22.8)
 Deny care to poor prognosis patients44 (38.6)
 Other25 (21.9)