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Table 2 Appearance of the vagina at different phases of the oestrous cycle (Champlin et al., [7])

From: Staging of the estrous cycle and induction of estrus in experimental rodents: an update

Oestrous PhaseAppearance
ProestrusVagina is gaping and the tissues are moist and reddish-pink.
There are numerous longitudinal folds or striations visible on the dorsal and ventral lips.
EstrusVaginal appears similar to that seen at proestrus, but the tissues are lighter pink and less moist.
The striations are more prominent.
Metestrus 1Vagina tissues are pale and dry.
The dorsal lip is not as oedematous as in the estrus
Metestrus 2Vagina appears similar to that seen at Metestrus 1, but the lip is less oedematous and has receded.
Whitish cellular debris may line the inner walls or partially fill the vagina.
DiestrusVagina is moist and has a small opening and the tissues are bluish-purple in colour.