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Table 1 Characteristics of the studies selected for the meta-analysis

From: The prevalence of anxiety symptoms in infertile women: a systematic review and meta-analysis

IDAuthorsYears publishedCountriesIncome levelsSample sizesAges (Y) (mean ± SD)Mean years of infertility (mean ± SD)Types of tools usedQuality assessment
1Volgsten et al. [25]2008SwedenHigh41332.9 ± 3.93.27 ± 1.63PRIME-MD5/5
2Ramezanzadeh et al. [19]2004IranLow and middle37028 ± 5.376.36 ± 4.18Cattle questionnaires3/5
3Klemetti et al. [31]2010FinlandHigh23937.4 ± 0.45NAM-CIDI4/5
4Alosaimi et al. [23]2015Saudi ArabiaHigh206NA5.4 ± 4.3MINI4/5
5Alshahrani et al. [32]2019Saudi ArabiaHigh206NANAMINI4/5
6Maroufizadeh et al. [24]2018IranLow and middle64931/37 ± 5.695.62 ± 4.03HADS4/5
7Joelsson et al. [33]2017SwedenHigh46830.1 ± 4.81.8 ± 002HADS5/5
8Lakatos et al. [34]2017HungaryHigh13433.30 ± 4.853.61 ± 3.08STAI-T4/5
9Biringer et al. [35]2015NorwayHigh61535.15 ± 6.28NAHADS5/5
10Upkong and Orgi [36]2006NigeriaLow and middle11234.5 ± 5.54.46 ± 3.73HADS4/5
11Rostad et al. [37]2014NorwayHigh1413NANAHADS5/5
12Kalkhoran et al. [38]2011IranLow and middle3029.2 0 ± 4.24.8 ± 0.5ZAS3/5
13Peyvandi et al. [39]2009IranLow and middle20033.39 ± 0.24.1 ± 0.6Cattle questionnaires4/5
  1. Abbreviations: PRIME-MD Primary Care Evaluation of Mental Disorders, NA Not reported, M-CIDI Composite International Diagnostic Interview, Munich version, MINI Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview, HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, STAI-T Spielberger Trait Anxiety Inventory, ZAS Zung’s Self-Rating Anxiety Scale