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Table 1 Common definitions of pregnancy near the uterotubal junction in the literature

From: Differentiating pregnancies near the uterotubal junction (angular, cornual, and interstitial): a review and recommendations

Ectopic Pregnancy
Pregnancy outside the endometrial cavity
Interstitial Pregnancy
 - Pregnancy that implants within the proximal tubal segment that lies within the muscular uterine wall [10].
 - Implantation within the most medial 1–2 cm of a fallopian tube as it opens into a uterine cavity without evidence of uterine anomaly [24].
Eccentric Pregnancy
Pregnancy implantation within the superior-lateral aspect of the endometrial cavity/uterine corpus
Angular Pregnancy:
 - Implantation within the endometrial cavity, but at one cornua and medial to the uterotubal junction and round ligament [24].
 - Angular pregnancy that displaces the round ligament upward and outward, whereas interstitial tubal pregnancy will not [12].
 - Lateral displacement of pregnancy by a uterine leiomyoma or other myometrial mass [25].
Cornual Pregnancy:
 - Conception that develops in the rudimentary horn of a uterus with a mullerian anomaly [11].