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Table 2 Proportion of the professionals who agreed with, or were neutral about, the legalization and financing of sperm donation to single women a

From: Attitudes among paediatric healthcare professionals in Sweden towards sperm donation to single women: a survey study

Attitudes bTotalRegistered nursePhysicianPsychologist
n (%)n (%)n (%)n (%)
Sperm donation to single women should be allowed170 (81.7)118 (84.3)35 (71.4)17 (89.5)
Sperm donation to single women should be publicly funded120 (57.7)87 (62.1)22 (44.9)11 (57.9)
The child should have the right to know the sperm donor’s ID172 (87.3)112 (84.8)42 (91.3)18 (94.7)
  1. a All participants did not answer all questions; b Indicating 3 to 5 on a five-point Likert scale (Strongly agree/Agree/Neutral)